Reports and Business Intelligence

Know where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going with simple reports and powerful business intelligence.

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Comprehensive Reporting to Monitor your Entire Mill

Every report you need to run your business. 

Access, filter, and customize reports with a few clicks.

Never wait weeks for your legacy software provider to build or modify a report again.

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Automated Intelligence for Better Business Planning

Control the growth of your mill with automated analytics. 

Track, manage, and optimize your sales margins, freight costs, and product mix.

Plan for the future with historic and predictive production intelligence.

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Intuitive, Role-Specific Dashboards

Access all of the information and analytics you need in one place. 

Ditch Excel with custom dashboards for sales, shipping, management, and accounting roles.

Intelligent alerts based on availability, approvals, and forecasts.

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Intelligence to Grow
your Business
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