Never waste hours planning shipments again. Move lumber off the yard quicker and more efficiently.

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A Logistics Solution Built for Mills

Plan order fulfillment without spending hours looking over reports.

Allocate inventory against shipments to organize future deliveries.

Validate tags on every shipment.

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Track Expenses and Automate Reconciliations with your ERP

Automatically track expenses for each shipment so you always have an up-do-date view of costs.

Integrate data with your ERP without manual process.

Break bulk orders into multiple shipments to manage freight costs across invoices, shipping destinations, expense types, and transportation providers. 

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All of your Documents in one Place

Generate Bills of Lading, Tag Listings, and Invoices with one click.

Trigger automated document emails to customers and transportation providers.

Validate document accuracy with behind-the-scenes logic.

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Mill Logistics Made Easy
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